Royal Pink Crushed Opal Chips


Please see the video and images for the opal colour. All of our opal colours are vibrant.


One gram of opal is enough for approximately 2 ring inlays (depending on ring size and channel depth) with one gram of opal having an approximate volume of 38mm x 38mm x 0.6mm.

Crushed opal is sold in several chip sizes and colours. We have over 50 colours to choose from.

Sizes available:-

  1. Fine Size (1.5mm and smaller stones) – these are most suitable for ring inlays and nail art.
  2. Medium Size (2mm – 0.5mm stones) - This is a slightly larger stone suitable for ring inlays, cabochons and any other crafty creation. This medium opal can be ground down into a finer size / powder if required.

If you require any further information on this item, please contact us.